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Turn your private holiday villa into your private hotel.

Mums and Dads... so you've booked our self-catering villa for your family holiday but feel as if it's not really a relaxing holiday for you? The thought of shopping every day in masks whilst everyone is on the beach, queues at the supermarket, unfamiliar ingredients; and then having to go back to the villa and cook whilst all the family are in the pool and then, when everyone is full, you have to wash up the dishes yourself! Even if you decide to go to a restaurant, you sometimes have to put up with long wait times for tables, expensive prices and not forgetting that someone has to be the designated driver!

We can make your life easier and bring the restaurant to you - all the advantages of a half- board package at a hotel, but without the towels on the sunbeds at dawn, sharing your pool with total strangers and queuing at the buffet table.

We can help you out and provide you with your own personal English speaking Sardinian chef who will do all the shopping, prepare all your meals and do the washing up afterwards!

Our package includes:

 Superior continental breakfast, afternoon cocktails and hors d'oeuvres and 3-course evening meal or barbecue with local wine and/or beer.

For more details and prices, click on the button below to download our brochure or send us an email via the Contact Us page.

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