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Certificate of Excellence awarded after the first year!

We are so proud! We've been awarded a Certificate of Excellence 2017 from Trip Advisor after our first year of business at Villa Serena Alghero. What a great end to the 2017 season.

We've had a great year. The villa has been nearly fully booked since June and our last guests of the season are enjoying their holiday as we speak. There have been ups and downs like any other part of life, but on the whole it's been Up, Up Up.

We've acquired a little cat called Sooty who has decided to make the villa her home. She is adorable and so friendly and affectionate. She follows us around the gardens like a dog. She will be a great asset in our countryside villa, keeping the mice away!

We would like to thank all our guests who have stayed with us this year and hope that you come back soon to Alghero and Villa Serena Alghero.

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